Batak dam at night

The Batak Dam (Bulgarian: язовир Батак) is located in the Rhodope Mountains and is the third largest in Bulgaria. It attracts many tourists and fishermen, and the resort Tsigov Chark was built on its shore. The lake is situated just above the historic town of the same name. There is a hydro-electric power plant at Batak, and it is close to Pazardzhik and Plovdiv. Related Images:We cannot display this […]

Sunset from Nebet Tepe

Nebet Tepe is one of the hills of Plovdiv where the ancient town was founded. The earliest settlements on Nebet Tepe are dated back to 4000 BC.  The site was first settled by Thracians, later expanded by Philip II of Macedon and the Roman empire. As the town expanded, Nebet Tepe became the citadel of the town’s acropolis. There are remains of […]

Fairy Sunset

Only the small fairies are missing.  Related Images:We cannot display this gallery

Dark sunset

You can just sit in one place and if you are patient enough, you can see amazing things. Related Images:We cannot display this gallery